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Edward St John Daniel VC
 The story of the first man to forfeit the Victoria Cross



About Edward St John Daniel VC


This website tells the dramatic and intriguing story of Lieutenant Edward St John Daniel (1837-1868), the first man, only officer, and only Royal Navy man to forfeit the Victoria Cross.

You will learn about:

  • Edward St John Daniel's life, career, exile, and untimely death, aged just 31, at Hokitika in New Zealand.
  • The mystery of a photograph which apparently shows Edward St John Daniel in later life. This has led to the theory that Daniel may have returned to England from New Zealand, after switching identity with another man. This other man is possibly the one who died, and is buried, at Hokitika.
  • The fate of Edward St John Daniel's Victoria Cross medal.
  • Edward St John Daniel's family history.
  • Latest developments, unanswered questions and areas of ongoing research.

Edward St John Daniel 1860
Edward St John Daniel
(c. 1860)

Image courtesy of
Christopher Daniel

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