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Edward St John Daniel VC
 The story of the first man to forfeit the Victoria Cross



Edward St John Daniel's Will


This is the Last Will and Testament

of me Edward St John Daniel formerly of County Gloucestershire England but
now of Patea in the Province of Taranaki New Zealand a Military
Settler I hereby give devise and bequeath all my personal and real estate
of what nature and kind soever and wheresoever situate including the
land to which I am entitled in this Colony for my services as a Military
Settler unto Edward Daniel Esquire of the County of Glostershire England
his heirs executors administrators and assign for his and their benefit
and not for ever and I appoint the said Edward Daniel and Captn Walter
W. Morrison Taranaki Military Settlers Executors of this my Will
In witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand this third day of
October One thousand eight hundred and sixty six – Edward St John
– signed published and declared by the testator as and for his
Last Will and Testament in the presence of us who at his request in the
presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses.
Jn. Comber – Lawrence Milmoe
Affidavit of due execution filed.

On the 20th December 1873 Admon with the Will annexed of the
Personal Estate and Effects of Edward St John Daniel formerly of Clifton
in the County of Gloucester but late of Patea in the Province of
Taranaki New Zealand Gentleman Military Settler who died 20th
May 1868 at Patea aforesaid was granted to Darkey Knight Jane
Steward Daniel Widow the Relict and sole Executrix of the Will of
Edward Daniel deceased whilst living the father of the said deceased
one of the Executors and the Universal Legatee named in the said Will
of the said deceased She the said Darkey Knight Jane Steward Daniel
having been first sworn only to administer the said Edward Daniel
having survived the said deceased but died without having proved the
said Will Walter John Morrison (in the Will written “Walter W
Morrison”) the other Executor named in the said Will of the said deceased
having renounced the Probate and Execution thereof.

Transcribed by Michael Daniels


Last Will and Testament

John Comber and Lawrence Milmoe were two of Daniel's comrades in No. 5 Company of the Taranaki Military Settlers.

Capt. Walter John Morrison (1830-1874) was the Company's commanding officer.

Daniel died at Hokitika (South Island), not Patea (North Island).

The words "and not for ever" seem strange. These were possibly written in error, when the intended words were "now and for ever".

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