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Edward St John Daniel VC
 The story of the first man to forfeit the Victoria Cross



The Life of Edward St John Daniel


Promotion and Decorations


On 20th April 1859, Edward St John Daniel's rank was raised to Acting Mate. On 15th September 1859, he was promoted to Lieutenant and, on 21st October, he was appointed to HMS Mars.

On 24th April 1860, the Duke of Somerset presented Daniel to Queen Victoria at a Levee held at St James's Palace. The Queen is said to have been "much impressed by him".

In addition to the India General Service Medal and Victoria Cross, Daniel's decorations include the Crimea Medal with clasps for "Sebastopol" and "Inkerman"; Turkish Crimea Medal; Sardinian Crimea Medal; Turkish Order of Medjidie (5th Class); Legion of Honour (5th Class); and Indian Mutiny Medal, with clasps for "Relief of Lucknow" and "Lucknow".

 By mid 1860, at the age of 23, Edward St John Daniel was clearly a naval officer of outstanding prospects.

    Edward St John Daniel 1860
Edward St John Daniel

Portrait after c.1860 b/w
photo. Image courtesy of
Christopher Daniel

Note: Ribbon of VC
incorrectly coloured red
It should be blue (Naval)

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