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ASHCROFT, Michael Anthony 1946- Businessman and political figure. Made a life peer in 2000, Lord Ashcroft owns the world's largest collection of Victoria Crosses, now on display at the Imperial War Museum, London. Wikipedia
BAMBRICK, Valentine 1837-1864 Awarded the Victoria Cross in 1858 for heroic action earlier that year during the Indian Mutiny campaign. Became the third man to forfeit the VC (in 1863) after being convicted of assault and theft of medals from a comrade. Bambrick committed suicide in Pentonville Prison in 1864. Wikipedia
BEAUCHAMP, Margaret c.1410-1482 Of Bletsoe. Daniel's 12th great-grandmother, and the maternal grandmother of Henry Tudor, King Henry VII. Wikipedia
BEDFORD, Barbara c.1814-1850 Daniel's mother and the grand-daughter of Henry Beauchamp St John, 12th Baron St John. Married Daniel's father, Edward Daniel, in 1836.
BEDFORD, Thomas c.1786-1816 Rev. Thomas Bedford of Hawnes, Bedfordshire was Daniel's maternal grandfather. He married Hon. Barbara St John in 1813.
CARTER, Charlie William 1855-1897 Solicitor who married Daniel's half-sister Evelyn Darkey Octavia Daniel in 1882.
CHEYLESMORE, Lord 1848-1925 Major-General Herbert Francis Eaton, 3rd Baron Cheylesmore was a British Army Officer and sportsman. He acquired Daniel's Victoria Cross medal, which was subsequently displayed at the Royal United Service Institution in Whitehall, London. On his death, the medal was sold at auction in 1930 for £40. Wikipedia
CLIFFORD, William John Cavendish 1814-1882 Captain of the Victor Emanuel at the time of Daniel's desertion at Corfu in June 1861. Penned the letter to Rear Admiral Dacres stating that Daniel was arrested for "taking indecent liberties with four of the Subordinate Officers of the Victor Emanuel". Rose to the rank of Vice-Admiral (1871). He succeeded as 2nd Baronet Clifford in 1877. Biography
COLLIS, James 1856-1918 Awarded the Victoria Cross in 1881 for heroic action in 1880 during the 2nd Afghan War. Became the seventh man to forfeit the VC (in 1895) after being convicted of bigamy. Wikipedia
COMBER, John 1840-? Comrade of Daniel in No. 5 Company, Taranaki Military Settlers. He was a witness to Daniel's Will made in 1866. Originally from the Isle of Man.
CORBETT, Frederick 1853-1912 Awarded the Victoria Cross in 1883 for heroic action in 1882 during the Anglo-Egyptian War. Became the sixth man to forfeit the VC (in 1884) after being convicted of embezzlement and theft. Wikipedia
COX, Darkey Knight Jane Steward c.1832-1893 Daniel's stepmother (only about 5 years his senior) who married Daniel's father, Edward Daniel, Solicitor, in 1854. Was granted probate of Daniel's Will in 1873.
DACRES, Sydney Colpoys 1805-1884 Commander-in-chief of the Mediterranean Fleet when Daniel was arrested on board the Victor Emanuel on 25 June 1861. Became First Naval Lord in 1868 and was promoted to Admiral in 1870. Wikipedia
DANIEL, Adela Margaret 1844-1911 Daniel's full sister. Never married. Occupation: Independent means.
DANIEL, Albion Edward 1862-1863 Daniel's half-brother. Died in infancy.
DANIEL, Alexander Stuart 1857-1921 Daniel's half-brother. Civil Servant (General Post Office). Never married.
DANIEL, Arthur John Bernard 1869-1915 Daniel's half-brother. Occupation: Independent means. Married Margaret (Madge) Jackson in 1895 and had three children.
DANIEL, Barbara Anne Trefusis 1840-1899 Daniel's eldest full-sister. Married Henry Theodore Perfect, Curate, in 1862, and had six children.
DANIEL, Edward 1810-1872 Daniel's father. Solicitor with offices at Shannon Court, Corn Street, Bristol.
DANIEL, Edward St. John 1837-1868 Lieutenant Royal Navy. As a midshipman on HMS Diamond, he became aide-de-camp to Capt. William Peel in 1855 during the Crimean War. Served as an artillery officer under Capt. Peel in the Shannon's Brigade during the Indian Mutiny. Awarded the Victoria Cross in 1857 for his heroic actions in the Crimean War. Became the first man and only officer to forfeit the VC (in 1861) for evading enquiry by desertion after being accused of a disgraceful offence. Emigrated to Australia in 1861 and later served in New Zealand with the Taranaki Military Settlers and NZ Armed Constabulary. Wikipedia
DANIEL, Evelyn Darkey Octavia 1858-1949 Daniel's half-sister. Married Charlie William Carter, Solicitor, in 1882 and had six children.
DANIEL, Francis Claude Talbot 1860-1950 Daniel's half-brother. Occupation: Independent means. Married Mabel Annie Hall in 1884 and had two children.
DANIEL, Henry Beauchamp 1838-1907 Daniel's only full-brother. Solicitor who married Louisa Isabel Lewis in 1873 (no children). Emigrated with Louisa to New Zealand in or before 1881.
DANIEL, Kathleen Marion Knight Talbot 1855-1856 Daniel's half-sister. Died in infancy.
DANIEL, Lucy Gertrude 1850-1921 Daniel's full sister. Never married. Occupation: Independent means.
DANIEL, Martin Abbot 1839-1857 Of Ramsgate, Kent. Fellow midshipman of Edward St John Daniel in the Shannon's Brigade during the Indian Mutiny. No known relation to Edward St John Daniel. Martin Daniel was shot in the head and killed on 16th November 1857 at Lucknow. In some accounts of the Shannon's Brigade (e.g., G.L. Verney in The Devil's Wind), Martin Daniel has been confused with Edward St John Daniel.
DANIEL, Muriel Fanny Cecil Stuart 1864-1937 Daniel's half-sister. Married Ernest Alfred Ebsworth, Locomotive Engineer, in 1892 (no chidren). Married George Herbert in 1907 (no children).
DANIELS, Robert c.1846?-? Born in Birmingham, England, he enrolled at Melbourne in the Taranaki Military Settlers on 18th January 1864, the same day as Daniel. Robert Daniels' Regimental No. was 427 (Edward St John Daniel's was 428). Robert Daniels was single, gave his age as 17(?), his trade as Baker, and his height as 5' 5". He was discharged from the Military Settlers on 15th February 1865 "on providing sub" (substitute). There is no record that he received a Land Grant. According to Victor Tambling, Edward St John Daniel possibly switched identity with Robert Daniels while in New Zealand.
EATON, Herbert Francis   See: CHEYLESMORE, Lord
EBSWORTH, Ernest Alfred c.1866-1905 Married Daniel's half-sister Muriel Fanny Cecil Stuart Daniel in 1892. Locomotive Engineer.
GEORGE V 1865-1936 Grandson of Queen Victoria. King of the United Kingdom from 1910 until his death. Disapproved of VC forfeitures. There have been none since he became King. Wikipedia
HALL, Mabel Annie   Married Daniel's half-brother, Francis Claude Talbot Daniel in 1884.
HARPER, Henry William 1833-1922 Educated at Eton and Merton College, Oxford. Ven. Archdeacon Harper was Vicar of Hokitika from 1866 to 1875 and officiated at Daniel's funeral in 1868.
HERBERT, George   Married Daniel's half-sister, Muriel Fanny Cecil Stuart Daniel-Ebsworth, in 1907 (no children).
JACKSON, Margaret (Madge) 1871-1953 Married Daniel's half-brother, Arthur John Bernard Daniel in 1895 and had three children.
LANE, Thomas 1836-1889 Awarded the Victoria Cross in 1861 for action in 1860 during the Second China War. Became the fifth man to forfeit the VC (in 1881) after conviction for desertion, horse stealing, and theft of arms and accoutrements. Wikipedia
LEWIS, George Cornewall 1806-1863 Sir George Lewis, 2nd Baronet, was a British statesman. He was Secretary for War in 1861, when the Royal Warrant of VC forfeiture was prepared for Daniel. Wikipedia
LOCH, Granville Gower 1813-1853 Royal Navy captain and brother of Lord Henry Brougham Loch. Was Captain of HMS Winchester when Daniel was a naval cadet on the ship during the Second Burma War of 1852-1853. On 4th February 1853, Loch was shot and died two days later. Wikipedia
LOCH, Henry Brougham 1827-1900 British solider who saw service in the First Anglo-Sikh War, Crimean War, and Second China War, In 1863 he was appointed Lieutenant-Governor of the Isle of Man. In 1882 he became Governor of Victoria, Australia. In 1895 he was raised to the peerage as 1st Baron Loch. In 1889, he became High Commissioner for South Africa. Wikipedia
LONDON, Jack 1876-1916 American writer and social activist. Best known for his fiction, he wrote a non-fiction account of his 1902 experiences among the down and outs in the East End of London (published in 1903 as The People of the Abyss). This book contains a chapter describing his meeting with an elderly man who claimed to have been stripped of the Victoria Cross, and whose account shows remarkable parallels with Daniel's career. Wikipedia
LUGARD, Edward 1810-1898 General Sir Edward Lugard was a British soldier who saw service in the First Anglo-Sikh War and Indian Mutiny. In 1859 he was appointed to the War Office and became Under-Secretary for War in 1861 when the Royal Warrant of VC forfeiture was prepared for Daniel. Biography
LUMMIS, William Murrell 1886-1985 Canon Lummis was a British military historian and noted Victoria Cross researcher. He served in the Army during and after the First World War. In 1928 he was promoted to Captain. In 1930 he was ordained Deacon in the Church of England and, in 1955, he became a Canon in the Diocese of St Edmondsbury and Ipswich. As part of his Victoria Cross research, he compiled an extensive file on Edward St John Daniel which formed the basis for the Imperial War Museum and National Army Museum files on Daniel. In 1969, his article about Daniel's tragic story was published in the Journal of the Orders and Medals Research Society. Canon Lummis acquired and accepted the "switched identity" photograph as an authentic image of Daniel. Wikipedia
LUSHINGTON, Stephen 1803-1877 Rear Admiral Sir Stephen Lushington was commander of the Naval Brigade at Sebastopol during the Crimean War. He recommended Daniel for the award of the Victoria Cross. He was promoted to full Admiral in 1865. Wikipedia
LYONS, Edmund 1790-1858 Admiral Lord Lyons, 1st Baron Lyons, was Commander of the Black Sea Fleet during the Crimean War. He praised the heroic actions of Midshipmen Edward St John Daniel and Evelyn Wood in a speech given at the Mansion House, London, in 1858.
MACKENZIE, Colonel   Unidentified officer and collector of military medals to whom Daniel's returned Victoria Cross was loaned by the Admiralty in 1868 on condition that "it be returned, if at any time required".
MARTEN, Francis c.1814-1891 Became Acting Captain of the Shannon's Brigade following Capt. Peel's death on 27th April 1858. Presented Daniel with his Victoria Cross at a full-dress parade at Gyah, Bengal, on 13th July 1858. Later promoted to Rear Admiral.
MCDONNELL, Thomas c.1831-1899 New Zealand military officer during the Maori Wars. Promoted to Captain in 1864 and Major in 1866. As Lieutenant-Colonel in the NZ Armed Constabulary, he led the 70-strong force of No. 2 Division (which included Daniel) to Hokitika in April 1868 to quell the Fenian disturbances. Wikipedia
MCGUIRE, James 1827-1862 Awarded the Victoria Cross in 1858 for heroic action in 1857 during the Indian Mutiny campaign. Became the second man to forfeit the VC (in 1862) after he was convicted of stealing a cow. Wikipedia
MILMOE, Lawrence c.1838-? Comrade of Daniel in No. 5 Company, Taranaki Military Settlers, who was a witness to Daniel's Will made in 1866. Originally from Sligo, Ireland.
MORRISON, Walter John 1830-1874 Captain in the Taranaki Militia from 1860. Later became commanding officer of No. 5 Company, Taranaki Military Settlers. Named as an Executor of Daniel's Will, made in 1866. A draughtsman by profession, he later became an agent for the NZ National Insurance Company. Timeline
MURPHY, Michael 1837-1893 Awarded the Victoria Cross in 1859 for heroic action in 1858 during the Indian Mutiny campaign. Became the fourth man to forfeit the VC (in 1872) after he was convicted of theft of oats and hay. Wikipedia
NAXTON, Michael   Formerly an executive and auctioneer at Sotheby's, he is now Curator of the Lord Ashcroft Collection of Gallantry Awards.
PEEL, Frederick 1823-1906 Sir Frederick Peel was a British politician. He was the second son of Sir Robert Peel, and brother of William Peel. Wikipedia
PEEL, Robert 1788-1850 Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Baronet, was a British statesman and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1834-1835; 1841-1846). He was the father of Frederick and William Peel. Wikipedia
PEEL, William 1824-1858 Captain Sir William Peel was a British Naval officer who served with the Naval Brigade in the Crimean War and commanded the Shannon's Brigade during the Indian Mutiny campaign. He was awarded the Victoria Cross in 1857 for heroic actions in the Crimean War. He was Daniel's Captain on HMS Diamond, and HMS Shannon. He died in 1858, after contracting smallpox, while recovering from a gunshot wound which he suffered in the final assault at Lucknow. Wikipedia
RAGLAN, Lord 1788-1855 Field Marshal FitzRoy James Henry Somerset, 1st Baron Raglan, served in the Peninsular War of 1807-1814, and at the Battle of Waterloo (1815), where he was wounded in the right arm, which was amputated. In 1854 he was promoted to General and appointed commander of the British troops in the Crimean War. After the victory at the Battle of Inkerman (5th November 1854), he was promoted to Field Marshal. He died on 29th June 1855, after suffering complications brought on by bouts of dysentery in the Crimea. Wikipedia
RAVENHILL, George 1872-1921 Awarded the Victoria Cross in 1901 for heroic action in 1899 during the Second Boer War. Became the eighth and last man to forfeit the VC (in 1908) after he was convicted of the theft of a quantity of iron. Wikipedia
SEYMOUR, Michael 1802-1887 Admiral Sir Michael Seymour joined the Royal Navy in 1813 and rose through the ranks, becoming Rear Admiral in 1854. He saw active service in the Crimean War and Second China War. In 1859 he became a Member of Parliament. In 1863 he was appointed Commander-in-Chief, Portsmouth. Wikipedia
SOMERSET, FitzRoy James Henry   See RAGLAN, Lord
ST JOHN, Barbara 1789-1855 Hon. Barbara St John was Daniel's maternal grandmother and the daughter of Henry Beauchamp St John, 12th Baron St John of Bletsoe. She was the probable recipient of a letter written by Daniel in 1854, while "Encamped off the Walls of Sebastopol".
TAMBLING, Victor   Victoria Cross researcher and expert on the eight forfeited VCs. He first proposed the theory that Daniel may have switched identity with another man while in New Zealand and then secretly returned to England. This other man, he suggests, may be the one who died, and is buried, at Hokitika.
TUDOR, Henry 1457-1509 The grandson of Margaret Beauchamp. Became King Henry VII of England in 1485, and the first monarch of the House of Tudor. He was the father of King Henry VIII. Wikipedia
TURNBULL, Norman   Of South Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand. Served in the 2nd South Canterbury Regiment, NZ, and Royal New Zealand Navy in World War II. Was a signalman in the Korean War. In 1981 he wrote a letter of petition to Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, requesting a pardon and restoration to the Victoria Cross registry for Edward St John Daniel. He received a reply explaining why this request could not be granted from the Official Secretary, Government House, Wellington, NZ.
VERNEY, Edmund Hope 1838-1910 Sir Edmund Hope Verney, 3rd Baronet, was a British Naval Officer and politician. He served in the Crimean War and, as senior acting mate, in the Indian Mutiny (with Shannon's Brigade). He wrote a journal of his experiences, published as The Shannon's Brigade in India (1862). He was promoted to Captain in 1877. He later became a Member of Parliament. Wikipedia
VERNEY, Gerald Lloyd 1900-1957 Major-General G.L. Verney was a British Army officer, who served from 1919 to 1948. In 1944 he took command of the 7th Armoured Division during World War II. He was the nephew of Sir Edmund Hope Verney and wrote a book (The Devil's Wind, 1956) about the Shannon's Brigade in the Indian Mutiny, largely based on Edmund's letters and journal. Wikipedia
VICTORIA 1819-1901 Queen of the United Kingdom from 1837 until her death in 1901. In 1856, she inaugurated the Victoria Cross to honour acts of valour during the Crimean War. She is said to have been "much impressed" by Daniel when he was presented to her in April 1860 by the Duke of Somerset. She signed the Royal Warrant of forfeiture for Daniel's VC on 4th September 1861. Wikipedia
WATSON, Edward Spencer c.1843-1889 Joined the Royal Navy as a cadet with HMS Shannon in 1856, aged 13. He wrote a journal of his experiences with the Shannon's Brigade during the Indian Mutiny (published in 1988 as A Naval Cadet with HMS Shannon's Naval Brigade in India). He was promoted to Midshipman (1858) and Acting Sub-Lieutenant (1860). He resigned his Commission in the Royal Navy in 1863 and joined the British Army. In 1867 he was promoted to Lieutenant. He resigned his Army Commission in 1873.
WINTON, John 1931-2001 John Winton was the pen name of British novelist and non-fiction author John Pratt. He was the son of noted Victoria Cross researcher Margaret Pratt. He joined the Royal Navy and served in the Korean War and Suez crisis, rising to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander. He wrote The Victoria Cross at Sea (1978), detailing the careers of 124 maritime VC winners, including Daniel.  Wikipedia Obituary
WOOD, Evelyn 1838-1919 Field Marshal Sir Henry Evelyn Wood joined the Royal Navy in 1854 and (alongside Daniel) was a Midshipman on HMS Diamond and aide-de-camp to Capt. William Peel in the Naval Brigade at Sebastopol and Inkerman. He was injured in the attack on the Redan and invalided home. For his heroic actions in the Crimea, he was recommended for the Victoria Cross but did not receive it. He left the Royal Navy and joined the British Army in September 1855. He was awarded the Victoria Cross for heroic action in 1858 during the Indian Mutiny campaign. His illustrious military career culminated in his promotion to Field Marshal in 1903. He wrote The Crimea in 1854 and 1894 (1896) and From Midshipman to Field Marshal (1906). Wikipedia

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